Friday, February 26, 2010

OOPS!! DEC 2009, Jan 2010 and Feb 2010!

WOW! Time flies! I haven't posted in soooo long! I started working 2 extra days a week so that is 4 total now in October! I am still working 2 days downtown with Pitman family dental and now work 2 days for Dr. Sherrard in Multnomah village. So I find my x-tra time is spent with Cetta, keeping up on house work and getting errands done.

Cetta started daycare 4 days when I started working more. She is now at Growing with Pride just around the block. It has been much better for all of us! Lucetta enjoys learning new things and doing projects every day. She comes home very happy and sometimes exhausted from playing so hard.

Thanksgiving was a bust this year! Lucetta had the H1N1 flu that she passed to Todd. Luckily, Cetta already had her flu shots and one H1N1 of the series and had a very mild case. Fever for 4 days and seems like a bad chest cold. No vomit! Thank god! Todd was sick for about a week but took Tamiflu and got healthy much quicker. I was lucky and never got sick! Hand washing, bleaching toys and hand sanitizer did the trick.

for Christmas we went to Yakima for the weekend after we had our Christmas morning here! It was so much fun! I apologize the Christmas Photos are on Todds work computer so I can't post any!

New years was also a bust due to me being sick this time with a bad chest cold that lasted 3 weeks. I was in bed by like 8pm!

February is always Todds busy month with The Yard, Garden & Patio show the weekend of Valentines and the Spring Home and Garden show this weekend. Unfortunately, that doesn't pay him!!

We were able to take Cetta to Manzanita beach last weekend when we had the nice weather! It was in the 60's and we didn't even wear a jacket most of the time. We hung out on the beach, played in the sand and Thuja went for a much needed run! Then went to Cannon beach for lunch at Moes and headed home!

Hope life finds you all well here are a few photos of the last few months!

Mom and Cetta at beach!
Yeah! New sand toys from grandma patti!

This is what happens when daddy gives you a bath and puts you to bed! Rocker chic!

First steps on the beach!

1 year pic

Didn't really like Santa!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

October 2009

It has been a busy fall here at the Kroger home. Cetta has started walking. She started taking a few steps between us just after her birthday then a week or two later she is walking everywhere! I can't believe it!

We took Lucetta Trick or Treating for the first time just in the neighborhood to a few houses. Once she figured out they give her something she wanted to run away to the next house.

Work has picked up for Todd. Seems like everyone wanted a landscape now that there is only a few weeks left in the year.

I am now working 3 1/2 days a week. I picked another day and 1/2 at a new practice. It is great! Cetta loves school but I miss her!

Here are a few pics! Happy Fall!

Callin my peeps!

Lots of pumpkins. My sister and her boys came for a visit the weekend before Halloween. The boys wanted to come again for the great Pumpkin Regatta (pumpkin boat race) here in Tualatin. They came last year and loved it. This year it was ON Halloween, so they decided to come the weekend before. So we went to Grandmas Place in Sherwood to shoot the pumpkin Cannon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cettas First Birthday cont

Lucettas real first bithday is September 21st. We had a quiet family night at home. Here are a few more pics...

My new coat from grandma and grandpa Gamache.

Opening more gifts! Thank you everyone!

Playing with Cousin Emery.

Mmmmm more cake!

Cetta's First Birthday!

On September 19th, Saturday we celebrated Lucetta 1st Birthday! We had family and friends over for food and cake. We had a blast. It is still hard to believe that our baby is 1 already.
She loved her first taste of cake! It took me a while to put together and frost but it turned out well...
Lucetta is crawling and walking around the furniture like crazy! She even stacks toys thinking she can climb on top of the couch etc.. But NO walking yet. She is being very cautious. She will walk holding someones hand or a walker but no steps alone yet.

Next week Lucetta starts daycare and school at "Growing with Pride" here in Tualatin. We were not real happy with the previous daycare and had the opportunity to change. I am nervous for the transition period but it will be a change for the better.

The Birthday girl in her shirt.


Makin a mess...


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fish tank at Zoo!

Finally figured out how to load a video!

1st trip to the ZOO!

This last weekend was Labor Day weekend. We spent the weekend at home in Portland to do some house work (Painting and paver patio in the back)...We got all of our projects done and we were even able to complete most of everything while our angel napped!

Friday before the weekend I convinced Todd to take the day off and spend the day at the Zoo with Lucetta and I. She did great! She Looooooved the fish tank and crawling on the grass at the bird show. We at lunch during the bird show and Lucetta fell asleep and slept thru most of the afternoon in her stroller! We had a great family day. Here are some pics.

The next few weeks are filled with us getting ready for Lucettas first Birthday! I can't believe it was a year ago that she became a part of our family! She is a joy and I love every moment I get to spend with her!

Until next time.....

Elephant imatation!
Sozing up the bears!

Fish tank

Petting the goats!

Not so sure of the goats at first!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 2009

We have had a very busy month! Lucetta is 11 months tomorrow and I guess I have to start thinking about a 1st Birthday party! OMG! We took Lucetta on her first camping trip this last weekend at Rimrock Lake, Washington. She did great! We borrowed a "pea pod" type tent for her to sleep in. I was worried that she wouldn't sleep at all and our trip would be cut short, but she slept ALL night both nights. We were so happy we ended up staying an extra night.

We took her to the Crawfish festival parade here in Tualatin! She loved the noises and kids running after all the candy!

This was after a long day at daycare in the heat. She fell asleep like a true future landscaper with her shovel and Mimi her bunny on the way home!
Looooooves her bath!


Lucetta passed out in her pea pod tent.

Eating some pancakes in the camper!

Lucetta and daddy at the crawfish parade!

With mommy on the swing camping!

Lucetta loves to chase Thuja in her walker. She had Todds belt with her for some reason this day!

Lucetta and mommy at the parade.

Us at Tre and Destiny's pool party. (Our niece and nephew)

Havin fun!


Todd and I took some time to go to the brewers beer fest this year! Todds mom came for a visit to watch Lucetta for us. It was a good night out before too many beers were had!!

Lucetta is alot of fun and changes so much every day. She is crawling up on her knees now and walks around all the furniture! She is soooo close to those first steps! She is into everything! She even tried her first taste of dog food today! YUCK! She is feeding herself now with mostly finger food. She refuses to be fed with a spoon now. So I have had to become very creative with the menu! Anything that she doesn't like she likes to throw at me or on the floor and laughs when I tell her "No! No! "
We have one more month before our baby turns one! It has been the single fastest year of our lives. We looks forward to many more joy filled days with our little one. We hope that life finds you all well!
Love , the Krogers